Freelance production


Eleven years of experience in the production world have given me the ability
to wear several hats. First and foremost, I am a
Director of Photography,
Cinematographer. However, I am also well versed in field producing, field audio, studio audio, lighting and grip department, still photography, video editing, and photography editing.  

Freelancing has its ups and downs, but as a good friend and colleague once said, "it beats working for a living!"  I love that every day on the job offers something different, including new people.  And I'm thankful to have travelled all over the country on shoots, allowing me to see more cities and places than most people get the opportunity.  Here, I'm shooting in the Baja of Mexico in a very remote location.   10 days off the grid! 

I possess a strong creative drive.  Aside from being a video and photography professional, my hobbies include both composing and engineering music, and carpentry (thanks Jeff Devlin).  I am very happy to have found an industry with so many creative opportunities available.



My rates vary dependent on the position and various elements of the project.  Please contact me to discuss your project and I will provide with a quote.